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About Well Biotech

Jiangsu Well Biotech Co., Ltd. - a Sino-American joint venture, is a professional manufacturer specialized in medical in vitro diagnostic assays and reagents, instrument research and development, and world-class sales and service, Well Biotech was established in 2006 located in No 9, Changyang Rd., Changzhou, Jiangsu China. Our flagship facility consists of an area of 1000 square meters of 100,000 level clean production workshop and 600 square meters of laboratory with registered capital of 12.85 million RMB. In addition, we have a 600-square-meter R&D center in San Diego (Silicon Valley) A full set of rapid diagnostic reagent production line and international advanced testing equipment enable us to supply consistent high quality products.

Our core technologies include small molecule antigen synthesis technology, monoclonal antibody preparation technology, solid phase enzyme free technology, immunochromatography technology, test kit development and production technology, saliva sample detection and analysis technology and a number of prohibited drugs and other antigen antibody preparation and detection technology patents.

Jiangsu Well Biotech Co., Ltd has established a multi-project rapid detection technology platform with saliva as the detection sample. Colloidal gold rapid diagnosis products cover five series of pregnancy, infectious disease, drugs, tumor markers and cardiac markers. Elisa kits can be used for the rapid detection of 30 prohibited drugs; The test strip has formed a full series of samples of saliva, drink and urine testing products, the annual production and sales can be over millions of pieces. The "Orawell"AIDS diagnostic kit is a rapid diagnosis product, use saliva as the test sample, which can accurately, quickly and painlessly diagnose AIDS. Our products have passed the saliva test of China Institute for Drug and Biological Products, the positive coincidence rate is 98.28% and the negative coincidence rate is 99.87% after clinical trial, which can meet the market demand and AIDS diagnosis.

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