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Current Status of Drug Abuse Surveillance in My Country

Mar. 04, 2021

Drug Abuse (substance abuse) refers to the repeated and large-scale use of drugs (or substances) with dependence characteristics for non-medical purposes, the users are dependent on such drugs (addiction), and they force and endlessly pursue the special mental effects of drugs. This brings serious personal health and public health and social problems.

Drugs Of Abuse Test

Drugs Of Abuse Test

Drugs Of Abuse Test, as a component of disease surveillance, is linked to and different from other public health surveillance. It is characterized by long-term continuous and systematic observation, investigation and collection of information on the use and abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs in the population, timely detection of the abuse and abuse of narcotic drugs and psychoactive drugs, and timely grasp of the current status, dynamic distribution, and abuse of drug abuse Analyze and determine the basic situation of drug abuse in various regions and even the country, and provide basic data for the scientific management and anti-drug work of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. .

Current status of drug abuse monitoring

① Passive monitoring. Mainly rely on drug rehabilitation institutions (such as compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation institutions of the public security and judicial departments, voluntary drug rehabilitation centers, methadone maintenance treatment clinics, drug rehabilitation wards of medical institutions, etc.) and drug law enforcement agencies (such as drug control/anti-drug departments, detention centers, detention centers) Etc., collect the "Drug Abuse Monitoring Questionnaire" and report it to the National Drug Abuse Monitoring Network System. The subjects of the survey are the admitted/received/accepted population.

② Active monitoring. According to a specific problem, the monitoring department will conduct investigations or systematically collect data to understand the abuse characteristics of specific drugs or specific groups of people, mainly for the relevant high-risk groups. Active monitoring has a low rate of underreporting, and the survey data is closer to the actual situation of drug use, but active monitoring is only suitable for specific drug abuse problems within the scope of characteristics. At present, the monitoring of drug abuse in my country is still dominated by passive monitoring, and active monitoring is gradually introduced. According to the "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Drug Safety Plan, by the end of 2020, 100 specialized mental illness medical institutions and comprehensive medical institutions will be selected nationwide to set up drug abuse monitoring posts to carry out active drug abuse monitoring.

As of 2018, China has included 270 drugs in the control catalog of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and included 170 new psychoactive substances in the catalog of non-medicinal narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. And other addictive psychoactive substances; through drug abuse monitoring, the drug supervision and management department promptly discovers the problems in the production, distribution and use of drugs and conducts timely management and control. At the same time, the health administrative department strengthens The supervision of the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs for medical use has been strengthened, and the public security organs have intensified anti-drug prevention propaganda and crackdowns on drug-related illegal and criminal activities, which have played a huge role in public health and social stability.

Future job

In the future, the monitoring of drug abuse needs to improve the legal system and strengthen the protection of personnel, funds, information systems and other aspects of various departments. Specifically, it includes: First, the country establishes and improves drug abuse monitoring laws and regulations, and formulates work specifications and technical standards; second, strengthens drug abuse monitoring personnel and funding guarantees, and improves the overall quality of drug abuse monitoring teams; third, improves monitoring models and drugs Abuse reporting channels, establish a stable multi-departmental long-term communication and coordination mechanism, clarify the relevant responsibilities of each department, strengthen the exchange and sharing of drug abuse monitoring information, and ensure the comprehensive, continuous and stable development of drug abuse monitoring; finally, strengthen public awareness , To guide and drive communities, universities, hospitals and social organizations to jointly carry out drug abuse monitoring work.

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