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Why Do People Test EDDP Instead of Methadone?

Aug. 17, 2021

Modern scientific research has concluded that drug addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease with complex psychological, biological and sociological etiological mechanisms. Since it is a chronic disease, there will be corresponding maintenance treatment drugs and methods, and methadone is a synthetic narcotic analgesic, a typical u-receptor agonist, which can control the withdrawal symptoms of opioids and can replace the decremental method for the treatment of various opioid drugs, especially for heroin dependence.

And because of the uncertainty in the timing of methadone metabolism in the human body, the methadone data reflected in the urine test may be inaccurate, and also does not exclude the false positive results caused by illegal addition by patients. Bioassay pharmacy provider WELLBIOTECH tell you why they test for EDDP and not methadone.

Only detects methadone metabolites EDDP

Reduces false negatives for low doses of methadone

Reduces false negatives in rapid methadone metabolizers

Eliminates false positive results in illicitly spiked methadone urine samples

EDDP addresses common problems with "methadone-only" testing

What is EDDP?

2-ethyl-1, 5 -dimethyl-3, 3-diphenylpyrrolidine (EDDP),they are the main metabolites of methadone. The metabolite EDDP is detected in the urine: 1 hour or 4 days - excretion of the metabolite in the urine is via renal excretion. We have emethadone metabolite (eddp) rapid tests  for sale now. 

 Test EDDP

Methadone is an unusual drug in that its major urinary metabolite (EDDP) is in a circulating structure making it difficult to detect using an immunoassay against the native compound methadone.

Further complicating this issue is the fact that a small percentage of the population is classified as "extensive metabolizers" of methadone. In these patients, although they are compliant with methadone maintenance therapy, they do not have enough parent methadone in their urine specimens to result in a positive drug screen. As a result, these individuals are often denied further methadone because they are incorrectly perceived to be diverting their medication.

In addition, many people who choose to divert or sell methadone on the street know that adding a small amount of methadone to a urine sample will produce a positive result on a methadone-based parental drug screen. This is a common strategy to circumvent accurate drug screening.

Recent detailed studies have shown the presence of fairly high EDDP concentrations in urine samples compared to methadone. A large number of specimens were negative for EDDP, but high methadone concentrations were found by GC-MS laboratory testing. Therefore, these samples were presumed to be "spiked" with methadone, i.e., methadone was added to the sample to produce a positive screening result and to simulate compliance.

Various studies have concluded that EDDP analysis is a sensitive and reliable technique to determine subject compliance with methadone prescription opioid detoxification and maintenance. Because EDDP is a better urinary marker for methadone maintenance than unchanged methadone, the MEDACX range of urine assays now offers detection of EDDP metabolites, rather than methadone (which is usually only available by laboratory assay), within our range of rapid urine DIP and CUP assays in the field.

The EDDP cut-off value is 30o ng/mL. The UK Laboratory and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) regularly screens for these levels of EDDP.

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