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Women's Health: What Are the Tests Programs? Can I Self-test?

Sep. 16, 2021

We recommend that women have an annual examination with their general practitioner. Normal sees to your physician for physical examinations will assist you stay healthy and balanced and also identify very early indication of disease or condition. Numerous illness, as well as some cancers cells, can be found at a beginning when treatment is usually more efficient.

WELLBIOTECH presents common examinations for women's health.


Some of the important things you can check in the house consist of:

Diet regimen - You can boost your general health by consuming a range of nourishing, healthy and balanced foods, consuming routine dishes as well as a healthy and balanced diet regimen strategy.

Weight - Preserving a healthy and balanced weight can protect against persistent illness such as diabetic issues and joint inflammation.

Alcohol - "Low-risk" alcohol consumption is defined as no more than two standard beverages on any given day and no alcohol at the very least 2 days a week.

Smoking cigarettes - boosts your danger of lots of conditions, consisting of heart problem, stroke, lung condition and also osteoporosis (loss of bone strength). If you smoke, attempt to stop.

Exercise - Regular exercise can prevent the development of illness and also is good for your psychological wellness. A minimum of 2.5 hrs of exercise weekly is recommended.

Psychological wellness - If you experience extreme unhappiness, irritability, tiredness, anxiety, etc., see your medical professional to discuss these signs and symptoms.

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Heart disease test

Blood pressure - Have your blood pressure inspected every two years after age 18. If your high blood pressure is high, or if you have an individual or family history of high blood pressure, stroke or cardiovascular disease, a much more constant check is advisable

Blood examinations - Inspect your cholesterol degrees and triglycerides. High degrees might indicate a raised danger of heart problem. If you more than 45, it is advised that you have these blood examinations every 5 years If you go to high risk for heart disease, it is suggested that you be checked every 2 years.

Weight check - Being overweight is an important threat factor for several health and wellness conditions, including heart disease as well as diabetic issues. Ask your doctor to check your body mass index (BMI) and also midsection circumference every 2 years.

Cervical and maternity tests

Cervical testing - This is an important screening test to identify signs of problems that might lead to cervical cancer if left without treatment. Cervical cancer cells is among the most preventable cancers cells.

If you have ever made love, a cervical screening examination is compulsory. Your very first cervical screening examination ought to be done 2 years after your last Pap test. It is essential to remain to have regular cervical testings even if you have gotten the HPV vaccine.

Pregnancy testing - Have a basic check-up before you plan to obtain pregnant to talk about any type of maternity health and wellness dangers. When you are pregnant, routine prenatal gos to assist monitor your child's advancement, spot irregularities as well as analyze your wellness standing. 

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Digestive Tract Cancer Test

Bowel cancer is a common cancer with a high recuperation rate if found early. A fecal occult blood examination (FOBT) is made use of to evaluate for digestive tract cancer cells. It spots blood in the stool (poop), which may suggest digestive tract cancer (or something else unconnected). If a positive result is returned, a follow-up test, such as a colonoscopy, will certainly be recommended.

FOBT is made use of to check for blood in stool (poop) examples. You can gather your very own sample at home utilizing the FOBT set and then acquire the set and have it tested.

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