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Accuracy of the HCG Test

Jun. 04, 2021

The Hcg Pregnancy Rapid Tests checks the level of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood or urine. This measurement means that the HCG test tests whether a woman is pregnant and whether their body is producing the correct levels of pregnancy hormones. Typically, HCG levels increase steadily during the first trimester of pregnancy, reaching a peak, and then decreasing in the second and third trimesters as the pregnancy progresses.

Your doctor may order several HCG blood tests over a number of days to monitor how HCG levels are changing. This HCG trend can help your doctor determine how the pregnancy is progressing. The cells that become the placenta produce the hormone HCG. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, HCG levels in the body rise rapidly.

How to read the results?

It is important that people read the instructions for the urine test and follow them carefully. Most tests use lines to show if the test is positive. The test line does not have to be as dark as the control line to be positive. Any of the lines will indicate a positive test result.

Hcg Pregnancy Rapid Tests

Hcg Pregnancy Rapid Tests

The test strip can change color as it dries. Some people notice an evaporation line after a few minutes. This is a very faint line and may look like a shadow.

Individuals must check the test within the time frame specified in the instructions, which is usually 3 minutes. tests read after 10 minutes may be inaccurate or show an evaporation line.


The HCG Rapid Test is more likely to produce a false negative than a false positive. The longer you wait to have the test done after implantation, the more accurate the test will be. HCG levels begin to rise when the embryo implants in the uterus.

Implantation usually occurs about a week after ovulation. it may take several days for HCG levels to rise high enough for the test to detect this hormone.

Because of how long it takes for HCG levels to rise, it is possible for a woman to get a negative test result even after she is pregnant. Positive results usually occur after retesting a few days later.

False positive results are rare with Trusted Source. however, because of the increasing sensitivity of home pregnancy tests, some can detect early pregnancies with very low HCG levels.

This sensitivity means that it is possible to have a positive test and then have a very early miscarriage. A woman who delays testing or uses a less sensitive test may not be aware of a miscarriage.

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