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Guide to Rapid Coronavirus Testing (COVID-19)

Jun. 21, 2021

A Rapid Test is a way to quickly detect people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus but may still be infectious.

How the rapid test works?

Rapid tests use lateral flow tests.

Rapid Test

Rapid Test

These tests:

Use a swab taken from the nose or throat

Do not need to be sent to a laboratory for processing

Results can be obtained within one hour

Lateral flow tests are different from tests used to detect the presence of coronavirus in people who have symptoms of coronavirus. Lateral flow tests do not tell you if you have coronavirus, only if you are highly infectious. If your test comes back negative, you can still have coronavirus, so you still need to follow the social distancing rule.

Why we offer rapid testing?

We offer Rapid Coronavirus Testing because about 1/3 of people with coronavirus are asymptomatic. The rapid test identifies people with high levels of coronavirus infection who are asymptomatic, so they can be advised to self-isolate. You don't have to do the rapid test, but if you do, it can help reduce the spread of coronavirus.


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