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Blood HCG Test Improves the Accuracy of Pregnancy Detection

Oct. 16, 2020

The HCG Rapid Test is a method to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not by measuring the HCG value in her blood. Compared with traditional urine HCG, blood HCG is more accurate, with smaller errors, and can advance the detection time.

In order to test the accuracy of pregnancy, general doctors recommend a blood HCG early pregnancy test. The quantitative examination of the HCG value through blood is more sensitive and accurate in responding to pregnancy or pregnancy than the ordinary qualitative urine test with early pregnancy test paper, with an accuracy rate of over 99%. In addition, for multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, abnormal embryonic developmental delay, hydatidiform mole, certain endocrine diseases or tumors, etc., the blood HCG value combined with clinical conditions and other examination results can often be correctly judged through comprehensive analysis.

The blood HCG early pregnancy test is the pregnancy test hormone that is familiar to and most commonly used by obstetricians and gynecologists. It is composed of glycoproteins of α and β dimers. After a woman becomes pregnant, HCG is contained in her blood and urine. There are still many errors in the detection accuracy of early pregnancy test strips. Women do pregnancy self-tests at home without professional guidance. Generally, the test results can only reach 75% accuracy. If the test is carried out under the guidance of a doctor, it can ensure the correct use of the early pregnancy test paper, and the test accuracy rate will be higher.

HCG Rapid Test

HCG Rapid Test

Although many kinds of early pregnancy test papers indicate that women can take pregnancy self-test after missing one day of normal menstruation, but in fact, not all pregnant women emit HCG hormone at the same rate and time. Therefore, we would recommend using only the more accurate HCG Rapid Pregnancy Test. HCG is the pregnancy test" hormone familiar to and most commonly used by obstetricians and gynecologists.

When the symptoms of pregnancy appear, you must go to the hospital for blood HCG, B-ultrasound, and urine tests to confirm whether you are really pregnant. If you are pregnant, determine whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy. , And then do the corresponding treatment. Don't call the shots without permission, just rely on some symptoms to determine that you are pregnant. After the female is conceived, the β-HCG in the bleeding can be measured from the 9th-11th day of the fertilization day, and it will increase rapidly in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy to maintain the pregnancy. After about 8 weeks of pregnancy, HCG gradually decreases until it reaches a relative stability at about 20 weeks.

The blood HCG early pregnancy test can detect pregnancy earlier. In general, urine HCG tests such as early pregnancy test strips are usually tested after one week of menopause, while blood HCG early pregnancy tests are usually tested one or two days after menopause. This can advance the time of pregnancy confirmation, so that pregnancy can be detected earlier. Make corresponding countermeasures.

Blood HCG examination refers to human chorionic gonadotropin. Early pregnancy test paper mainly detects HCG hormone in urine. Generally, syncytiotrophoblasts secrete HCG hormone in urine after 6 days of conception. Therefore, if the menstrual period is regular, it is recommended to check for more than 7 days of obvious menopause to confirm pregnancy.

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